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Fishing the Local: Brownie Troop Fishing Show

City Paper has an article this week about Dean Ween‘s “Brownie Troop Fishing Show” which is growing in popularity at least in part because it cuts the pretense and production values of many of the existing shows out there:

“Our show is not some dude in a leather motorcycle outfit covered in patches on a bass boat trying to win a $3 million tournament on Lake Ossamwaga somewhere. I love bass fishing; I do a ton of it, but it’s the NASCAR of fishing. Why don’t you just watch Formula One, where the cars are faster and they’re better engineered, rather than watching Jimmy Dale Jackson going around in an oval for 10 million laps? When we fish, we’re getting completely fucking drunk — we catch as much fish as anybody, we actually know what we’re doing, but we’re totally just having a good time.”

The “we” in question is whoever is along for the trip on a day that warrants both fishing and filming. In most cases, that just means Melchiondo and his buddies out on a boat on the Delaware, or surfcasting off a Jersey Shore beach. That may also mean a drunken excursion with Butthole Surfers Gibby Haynes and Jeff Pinkus, who tagged along on the Manasquan River during an off day while touring.

You can see videos of some of their outings and check out a ton of photos here.  They appear to be mostly catch-and-release.

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